Twiggy Stix (hot)

Twiggy Stix (hot)

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A guilty pleasure. We won't tell...

Yes - a total guilty pleasure...but sometimes, it's the only thing that will do. Rich in black pepper and red chillies, wine and garlic; the perfect I-have-a-beer-in-one-hand, I-should-have-some-sort-of-food-in-the-other solution. Also works wonderfully on a retro deli platter, scattered amongst cubes of cheese, and olives and cabanossi on toothpicks, a la 1986.

Note: about 150g will get you at least 10-15 short sticks/ 5-8 long sticks

Ingredients: pork, salt, natural flavors, sugars, organic spices, starter cultures, organic garlic. GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE.