Salami Sopressa Mild

Salami Sopressa Mild

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Mild and delicately flavoured, Sopressa goes fabulously with most everything.

Both sopresse and sopressate (plural forms) are similar to salami, but each has their own particular taste, story and tradition.

Sopressa (singular form) is round and, compared to typical salami, quite large. It is pressed by hand—“pressare” means “to press”—at the very beginning of production in order to eliminate any pockets of air. Originating in the northeast Italy, where wine and garlic are used everywhere, Sopressa is an everyday mild salami that works perfectly when sliced at 1.5 mm and served with Asiago, an Italian cow's milk cheese cheese (like parmesan), with a nutty but slightly fruity cheese.

OTHER USES: Gourmet sandwiches, party trays, pizzas, or paired with aged Italian cheeses

Ingredients: pork, salt, natural flavors, sugars, organic spices, starter cultures, organic garlic, red wine and pepper. Gluten free and Dairy Free.