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What's orange and green and striped and fabulous? Pumpkin of course (NOT oompa lompas! lol)

Pumpkins: that most famous of winter squashes. Inside the tough exterior, the bright orange flesh is sweet and honied. They are a particularly good source of fibre, as well as a range of vitamins and minerals.

We usually have a few varieties, depending on our producer and the time of year: Kent, Queensland Blue, Jarrahdale or Butternut

Cut into chunks and bake or roast (30-40 minutes) or boil (15-20 minutes). Use to make soups or add to stews. Make pumpkin pie (OOOOOMMMMGGG pumpkin pie!!!!) or pumpkin bread or use in a cake....or make chips or mash or almost anything else... it will taste great because it is PUMPKIN.

Sourced locally across the Shoalhaven, Far South Coast and a little from farmers in the Illawarra. They are grown under clear skies and fresh air; hot sunny Summers and frosty Winters.

Our farmers use permaculture principles and their sowing, weeding and harvesting is all done by hand, without the use of  chemicals, pesticides or herbicides preferring green manure crops, compost and natural minerals for biological soil balancing.