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Air-dried and cured to perfection. Be warned: slices will be hogged by foodies.

Prosciutto, or specifically Prosciutto Crudo, is an Italian air-dried ham. Always served thinly sliced, this dry-cured ham is famous all over the world.

In Italian, the word Prosciutto simply means Ham, so when in Italy it is important to ask for Prosciutto Crudo when ordering this air-dried specialty. Taken from the hind leg of a pig, the curing process is comprised of salting, washing and hanging the ham to air dry in a cool, dark, dry environment. The goal is to use the minimum amount of salt to keep the meat sweet tasting and tender. This extensive curing process may last between nine and twenty four months.

Prosciutto loses approximately 25% of its weight due to moisture loss during the curing process, with the resulting product being a supple, sweet ham filled with rich concentrated flavour.

Serving Suggestions:

As an antipasto; with crusty bread; sandwiches, dinners, pizzas. Or just by itself. It's that dang delicious.