Pasture Raised Lamb Shoulder

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The commodore of lamb cuts. A classic that works well with most cooking methods; needs hardly any fussing and always turns out good.

For recipe ideas, check out the Description below :)

Lamb Shoulder is so meltingly tender and full of flavour that very little seasoning is required. Whether Moroccan, Iranian, Italian or Australian in style, lamb shoulder is a versatile cut for many a shared meal. Try it barbecued, skewered, slow-roasted or served with salad. One thing's for sure, once you get the idea of lamb shoulder on your mind it's hard to do anything but pop one in the oven, gather the masses and wait for the magic to unfold.

Note: 1kg bone out/1.2kg bone in is enough to feed 4 hungry peoples 



All Vincentia Butchery meat is free range, grass fed, pasture raised. We source locally, from the Shoalhaven, from farmers who ethically and sustainably raise their animals.You can definitely taste the difference. If you would like to know more about our purchasing beliefs, check out our Manifesto