Pasture Raised Lamb Shanks

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The most epic of slow cooks with the most dramatic of presentations. You really can't go past shanks.

For recipe ideas, check out the Description below... :)

Shanks are the ultimate slow cook. Taken from the shin in both the forequarter or leg; with a robust flavour, they handle long, slow cooks and braising, to tenderise the meat and break down the muscle and tendons. They pair well with wine and fragrant herbs like rosemary and thyme.

A frenched shank, has had the bone portion of the shank scraped clean of meat, which makes for a lovely presentation.

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All Vincentia Butchery meat is free range, grass fed, pasture raised. We source locally, from the Shoalhaven, from farmers who ethically and sustainably raise their animals.You can definitely taste the difference. If you would like to know more about our purchasing beliefs, check out our Manifesto