Organic House-made Nut Butters

Organic House-made Nut Butters

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Nut Butter. All the goodness of dry roasted, organic nuts, mashed down into a form that can be added to pretty much anything, and make it more delicious:

  • on toast: check.
  • in cakes and slices: check
  • in satays and stir fries: check
  • on a spoon, eaten straight. double check.

Nut butter: It's one of those miracle foods that tastes fabulous and also can be really healthy. Our nut butter is made on site, with our specially made Nut Butter Machine.

Organic Dry Roasted Nuts go in...pure, 100% nut butter comes out. It's that simple and REALLY delicious.

We have probably eaten our weight in nut butter (in the name of quality testing...but TOTALLY worth it. :) )

Available in 250g and 500g lots; it is how nut butters should taste.