Oregano (dried)

Oregano (dried)

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15g (equivalent to a standard spice jar)

Australian grown, carefully selected; dried and packaged just for you: the ultimate in kitchen staples.

The warm, balsamic and aromatic flavor of oregano makes it the perfect addition to Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines.

A common species of Origanum, a genus of the mint family; and is originally native to temperate western/southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region.

Whether fresh or dried, oregano is one of the foundations of Greek and Italian cuisine because of its ability to draw out the best of tomato-based dishes and any other ingredient it's blended with. Not quite as strong or sweet as wild marjoram (its close cousin), oregano is an essential herb for any kitchen.

Soups, salads, sauces, meat dishes, eggs, and anything considered Mediterranean, all are enhanced with a few teaspoons of oregano added for delicious complexity and flavor.

The Allotment: Locavore & Gourmet for the Discerning Gastronome.