Mungalli Biodynamic: Lactose Free Greek Yoghurt

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Size: 375g/750g

Made from full cream biodynamic milk, culture and little else. Handcrafted the old fashioned way and strained through a cheesecloth. This creates a rich, creamy and decadent yoghurt –  there are absolutely no added thickeners.

Ingredients: Biodynamic Full Cream Milk, Lactase (Natural Enzyme that breaks down lactose), Probiotic Starter Cultures.

Mungalli Biodynamic: is all about healthy vital soil, diverse pastures, happy cows, great tasting food and sustainability way into the future. Biodynamics focuses on maintaining a healthy and vital relationship between the soil, the animals, the environment and the people. It means that farms aren't just animals and pasture but one big living organism.