Meat Boxes - BBQ

Meat Boxes - BBQ

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Curated and cut to order; take the hassle out of your weekly/fortnightly meat shop with our meat boxes.

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• Changes/substitutions are allowed (to the value only); just make a note in the 'Customise Meat Box' space.

• Vincentia Butchery reserves the right to change or substitute, if a product is unavailable.

• Add ons for only $8.50 extra/add on.

SUPER good value. :)


Vincentia Butchery Meat Boxes

  1. Good things come in boxes. This is a fact. (Just ask your cat the next time they steal a post-parcel for their own hidey-hole…)
  2. A slow seasonal food movement is an excellent thing.

But whilst it is easy to get into the habit with fruits and vege, sometimes, meat is just that little bit more difficult to remember!  So, we’ve taken all the hassle out of it with our MEAT BOXES.

Meat Boxes are curated by us to include a mixture of fresh cuts, adapted to the seasons:
- Summer Boxes emphasis grilling and bbq cuts like steaks and lamb cutlets;
- Spring Boxes have light, quick meal options like stir-fry strips and pork medallions;
- Winter Boxes contain all those warming and delicious braising and slow-cooker cuts that work perfectly with those colder months.
- Autumn Boxes have an excellent mix for all those in between days like schnitzels and spare ribs

We have a Health Box option, for those Paleo (or would like to try), which includes those all-important bones for making broth; a BBQ box, with quick cook options; an Americana/Slow Cook - filled with pulled pork, ribs and a delicious sticky marinade; a Deluxe Box, for those that enjoy the finer things in life…plus loads more.

To meet weekly shop needs, we also have mince and bacon and eggs that are available as ‘Add Ons’ at a discounted price, when purchasing any box.

Plus, if you’re super literal, we can probably even find a box to put it all in for you. :)