Hunterbelle Dairy Co Cheeses

Hunterbelle Dairy Co Cheeses

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Cheese. Cream. Locavore. Really, what could be better?

Hand crafted cheeses with mild flavours, but the addition of cream gives a soft buttery taste that is just delicious.

  • Ash Briebelle: award-winning triple cream brie carefully rolled in natural ash early in the cheesemaking process. This gives this cheese even more decadence creating a protective layer allowing the brie to get extra gooey and slightly smokey with a bold flavour. Size: 140g
  • Black Magic:  unique to Hunter Belle, a decadent triple cream brie with a centre of black fermented garlic. The resulting taste is completely magnificent and delicious - sweet meets savoury, a hint of reduced balsamic vinegar with subtle garlic undertones. 

Hunter Belle Dairy Co. are producers of quality, handmade artisan dairy products in the Hunter Valley of NSW. With a wide range of dairy products focussing on cheese, but also including yoghurt, milk and butter they only use the highest quality of ingredients to produce such high standards of produce.

High quality Brown Swiss cows' milk is used exclusively and sourced fresh from a local family at Singleton. The Brown Swiss milk has an ideal protein to fat ratio that makes it excellent for cheese production and there is no need to add any extra cream for cheese making (other than the triple cream).