House Made & Smoked Pasture Raised Spec

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Speck. House made. House smoked. Free Range. Delicious.

Our House made speck is taken from a boned out belly of pork. We cure in a handmade brine flavoured with juniper berries and peppercorns, where it soaks for several days, before we smoke over beechwood with herbs and spices.

Although cooked through, speck is too fatty to be eaten raw. It works best when added to casseroles, soups and sauces for additional favour, or sliced and re-cooked over a high heat (frying or roasting) where it can caramelise and some of the fat render out.

Originally from Tyrol, Italy which is near the Swiss border, hence the German sounding name. 

Our speck comes from pasture raised, free ranging pigs.

We slice it by hand to whatever thickness you like, however many slices you need, or you can buy it as a whole piece at a specific weight, so you can further process it for specific recipes.


  • Standard thickness = approx 3.5mm
  • There are approx 14-16 slices to 500g of belly bacon sliced at standard thickness


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