House Made & Smoked Pasture Raised Ham

House Made & Smoked Pasture Raised Ham

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Ham. House made. House smoked. Free Range. Delicious.

Our Leg Ham is hand made and house smoked. The legs we turn into hams come from the whole, pasture-raised, free ranging pigs that we purchase throughout the year directly from farmers. The pigs are entirely pasture-raised on chemical-free pastures on farms throughout the Shoalhaven, including Nerraga, Moruya, Kangaroo Valley and further north. This means we can follow the provenance trail directly from the farm, to your plate.

The hams we sell at Christmas are exactly the same ham we make and sell through out the year.

Our hams are soaked in a brine solution that (like our bacon!) is a super-secret recipe, we have all sworn a solemn oath never to reveal, even if questioned by Delores is then smoked in-house over beechwood and herbs & spices.


  • Ham is hand carved, so will never be razor-thin; but really, what goes better with fresh crusty bread and mustard/pickles than substantial slices of house smoked ham???