House Made Sausages: Pasture Raised PORK

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Perfect pork sausages are within your reach...or mouse click... :)

(*grabby hands*)

Sausages are delicious all year round - from summertime barbecues to wintry sausage casserole or bangers and mash.

And PORK sausages are just that extra bit more delicious; their richer flavour and delicate texture can elevate anything from pastas, soups, breakfasts, and dressings to that next level scrumptious.

All our pork sausages are hand made with our pasture raised, free range pork, and we use only the highest quality ingredients to flavour them.

Because we have a varied retinue of sausage flavours, rather than offer specific flavours each week, we are listing the sausages options below and noting that when you purchase pork sausages from us it will be ONE of the below's like a lucky dip but there is no bad option....All are gluten free and preservative free and awesome (if we do say so ourselves... ;) )


  • All our pork sausages are gluten free, unless stated otherwise.
  • Otherwise: Our Irish Pork w/ Guinness sausages contain Guinness, brewed from malted barley. Barley contains a protein called hordein which is somewhat similar to gluten, the protein in wheat that causes difficulty for quite a few people. Those with gluten sensitivities should take note.
  • Made in natural hog casings (thick); approximately 8-10 sausages will make 1 kg
  • We make our sausages fresh. Everyday. (Because you're worth it. lol  :) )

Our pork sausages include:

Tasmanian Apple & Cider: Free range pork, Tasmanian apples and fresh rosemary. The sweet crispness of apple, combined with fragrant rosemary, makes for the ultimate pork sausage.

Irish Pork w/ Guinness: What could be more Irish than pork sausages infused with leeks and Guinness Stout? Pretty much nothing. Our free range, pasture raised, locally sourced pork, coarsely minced with caramelised leeks, a can of stout and some extra secret ingredients to make them delicious.

Old Style English Pork: Based on an 18th century Northern English recipe; free range pork, black and white pepper with a dash of thyme, sage and nutmeg. Perfect on the BBQ, or as an extra-special addition to this Cumberland Sausage Casserole. (Think not-so posh cassoulet).

Pork, Fennel & Pinenut: Aromatic fennel with a crunch of toasted pine nuts all wrapped up in a delicious free range pork sausage. This is one of our favourites. The fennel is never too fennel-ly (that's a thing right?!) and balance perfectly the slightly richer free range pork.

Chardonnay & French Herbs: Chardonnay (because wine.) and some traditional french herbs (tarragon, chives, chervil and parsley) and a dash of nutmeg and you have that je ne sais qui that makes for scrumptious sausages. Great on the bbq, pan-fried, as an addition to something slow-cooked with a long French title... the possibilities are endless!

Continental Pork: Based on a traditional German recipe, they're made with salt, pepper, marjoram and ginger. Not overly powerful in flavour, it makes an ideal for children, as a breakfast sausage, or to throw on the BBQ for any occasion.