Grass Fed Beef T-Bone

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The quintessential Australian BBQ steak.

For recipe ideas, check out the Description below :)

The t-shaped bone in this cut, is what it's name is derived from. It comes from the backbone of the animal, where the fillet and sirloin muscles sit on opposite sides of the bone to form the T-bone steak. With little or not fat or connective tissue the T-bone is a quintessential Aussie steak perfect for pan-frying or barbecuing.

Try them:

  • American Style, with smoked paprika, brown sugar and oregano;
  • BBQ'd and served with a watermelon and red onion salad;
  • Seasoned with fresh herbs and green peppercorns;
  • Chargrilled with seeded mustard


Vincentia Butchery purchases beef direct from local Shoalhaven farmers. All our beef is grass-fed and pasture raised. Animals are free to roam outside, all year round and graze on natural crops, 365 days of the year. This natural diet creates beautifully tender and flavourful beef. You can definitely taste the difference. If you would like to know more about our purchasing beliefs, check out our Manifesto