Grass Fed Beef Standing Rib Roast

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A most elegant of roasting cuts. Perfect for large scale entertaining and eliciting envious I-can't-believe-you-cooked-this-amazing-roast-after-working-a-12hr-day side eyes. (Totally worth the effort.)

For recipe ideas, check out the Description below :)

One of the most impressive of roasts and perfect for entertaining. Simply a scotch fillet with the rib bones attached; a Standing Rib Roast is best roasted in a hot oven and not cooked more than medium.

The rib eye comes from the loin muscle (longissimus dorsi), a long muscle that stretches along the spine from the base of the neck to the hip, outside of the rib cage. Being a ‘support’ muscle not subjected to the heavy work of moving the animal around, the cut tender, tasty and delicious. The generous marbling allows the meat more moisture to cook with. This marbling is also where a lot of the flavour comes from.

Note: 2 ribs = approx 1.2kg (feeds  3-4); 5 ribs = 2.5kg (feeds 6-8)

Try it:

  • Marinated in tawny port and all spice and star anise and bbq'ed until tender;
  • BBQ'd with fresh herbs and garlic
  • Roasted with a horseradish and mustard butter and served with field mushrooms and mixed greens


Vincentia Butchery purchases beef direct from local Shoalhaven farmers. All our beef is grass-fed and pasture raised. Animals are free to roam outside, all year round and graze on natural crops, 365 days of the year. This natural diet creates beautifully tender and flavourful beef. You can definitely taste the difference. If you would like to know more about our purchasing beliefs, check out our Manifesto