Grass Fed Beef Ribs

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Ribs: Brisket meat with the added sweetness of the bone. Totally worth the effort required

For recipe ideas, check out the Description below :)

Beef ribs, as the name suggests, are a cut of beef taken from the brisket and rib areas. They consist of a short portion of the rib bone, which is overlain by meat which varies in thickness.

There are two types - beef rib ends (usually sold as a whole piece) or the shorter, thicker, meatier beef short spare ribs (usually sold individually).

Beef short spare ribs have a thicker section of meat than the longer, leaner beef ribs ends. They are ideal to marinate and barbecue, particularly in a covered barbecue.

Try them:

  • Slow Roasted in a sticky glaze, served with hokkein noodles;
  • Braised with bay leaves, orange juice and brown sugar, served with watermelon and herb salad;
  • Smoked Texas style, with chargrilled corn-on-the-cob;
  • Marinated overnight with habernero chilli, crushed pineapple and garlic, then chargrilled and served w/ roast vege salad;
  • Braised in rice wine and hoisin sauce and served with spring greens and Chinese pancakes;

Some tips: 

  • Unless slow-cooking or braising, try simmering the ribs before marinating and then char-grilling – it helps to remove the fat, tenderise the meat and it means less time on the barbecue.
    • Place the beef ribs in a large saucepan with enough water to completely cover the ribs.  Bring the water to simmering point slowly over a low heat. Simmer gently, partially covered for 1 hour. This will ensure they tenderise rather than toughen.
    • Remove ribs from water and coat in the marinade. Stand for 30 minutes or marinate overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Because the ribs are thick, and are only on the barbecue for a short time it is best to bring them to room temperature before barbecuing.
  • Barbecue ribs over a moderate heat for 10-12 minutes turning often and basting with any marinade throughout cooking until ribs are golden brown. Do not brush any marinade on during the last few minutes of cooking time.
  • They can be cooked on the barbecue by either indirect or direct heat. Using indirect heat in a covered barbecue will take about 12 minutes, turn them once or twice. If using direct heat over an open barbecue have a cooler zone on the barbecue so they can be pushed to the side if flare-ups occur. Ribs will take about 8-10 minutes, turn them often.

Vincentia Butchery purchases beef direct from local Shoalhaven farmers. All our beef is grass-fed and pasture raised. Animals are free to roam outside, all year round and graze on natural crops, 365 days of the year. This natural diet creates beautifully tender and flavourful beef. You can definitely taste the difference. If you would like to know more about our purchasing beliefs, check out our Manifesto