Free Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs

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Pasture Raised, free range eggs that are all eggs should be, and taste just like you remember eggs used to.

Chickens roam free, scratching around as they please across 100s of hectares of pasture. They are happier, healthier and enjoy a much better quality of life.

The Nixon farm has a big shed where all the chooks can come and go as they like. “They scratch around all day, looking for worms and eating grass. If it’s wet, cold or too hot they choose to stay inside. They have a pretty cushy life.”

The shed has fans to keep it cool in summer, with a water misting system that automatically kicks in at temperatures of 38 degrees celcius. There are high fences surrounding the paddocks keep to protect against predators such as foxes.
The feed for Johns’ chooks is mostly sourced from the Nixon farm in Cootamundra where they grow their own grain. The rest is sourced locally. All feed is mixed fresh on site at Wilton.

Nixon's Free Range eggs are delivered every week to our shop. They are delicious, 800g eggs, and if you're lucky, you may just grab a double-yolker!

This listing is for 1dozen eggs.