Cocktail Potatoes

Cocktail Potatoes

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Potatoes: boiled, fried, steamed or roasted. Any which way; they are awesome.

Cocktails are not a variety of potatoes but refer to the size. They are very easy to use as they don’t need to be peeled or cut before use. Generally a small Nadine potato or a similar variety, they are perfect for roasting, boiling, or frying (chats w/ aioli and caramelised onion anyone??) make a salad, add to a frittata or just steam, and smother with butter, chives and a wee bit of salt and pepper. (SOOOO good!)

Sourced locally across the Shoalhaven, Far South Coast and a little from farmers in the Illawarra. They are grown under clear skies and fresh air; hot sunny Summers and frosty Winters.

Our farmers use permaculture principles and their sowing, weeding and harvesting is all done by hand, without the use of  chemicals, pesticides or herbicides preferring green manure crops, compost and natural minerals for biological soil balancing.