Christmas Ham - House Smoked, Pasture Raised

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Ham. House made. House smoked. Free Range. Delicious.



  • A whole ham is approx 10-12kg
  • 1/2 hams are approx 4-6kg
  • We charge a whole price based on the lowest weight you could receive (i.e. 10kg/4kg) and any thing you get over that is free. (Lucky is the person that gets a 12kg ham.... ;)

Celebrate this holiday season with our pasture raised hams, available in ⅓, ½ & whole.

Our hams are hand made: immersed in a super secret brine recipe that (like our bacon!) we have all sworn a solemn oath never to reveal, even if questioned by Delores Umbridge...then it's smoked in small batches over beechwood, ironbark, herbs & spices.

Nitrate, Preservative & Gluten Free. Just like they ought to be.

The legs we turn into hams come from the whole, pasture-raised, free ranging pigs that we purchase throughout the year directly from farmers. The pigs are entirely pasture-raised on chemical-free pastures on farms throughout the Shoalhaven, including Nerraga, Moruya and further north. This means we can follow the provenance trail directly from the farm, to your plate.

Sourced from Nerriga, Braidwood, Moruya and Kangaroo Valley; our pork is free range and pasture-raised. Happy, stress-free pigs forage and root amongst the trees and open pasture whilst having access to nutritionally balanced feed of grains, protein, minerals and kelp powder, (because pigs can’t live on grass alone…) This makes for beautifully delicious meats. You can definitely taste the difference. If you would like to know more about our purchasing beliefs, check out our Manifesto