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Whether stuffed, stir fried, stewed, barbecued or roasted...capsicums are dependably delicious.

Capsicums: Also known as bell peppers, these are a non-hot member of a large family that varies enormously in size, shape, flavour and heat content and that includes all the chilli peppers.

Availability: One sort or another is usually available fresh year round.

Whether stuffed and roasted, gently fried in olive oil (with garlic of course) or similarly simmered in (tinned) plum tomatoes as a side dish or added to casseroles, fully cooked peppers add flavour, colour and a general air of cheeriness.

Sourced locally across the Shoalhaven, Far South Coast and a little from farmers in the Illawarra. They are grown under clear skies and fresh air; hot sunny Summers and frosty Winters.

Our farmers use permaculture principles and their sowing, weeding and harvesting is all done by hand, without the use of  chemicals, pesticides or herbicides preferring green manure crops, compost and natural minerals for biological soil balancing.