Bay Leaf (whole, dried)

Bay Leaf (whole, dried)

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2g (10-15 leaves; equivalent to standard spice packet)

Bay Leaf: essential for your pantry & stock pot.

Bay may not be the flashiest flavour in the kitchen, but it's more potent than you may think. With an allrounder taste of a bit of mint, a bit of thyme, some oregano, and aspects of coriander and clove. Bay brings the best out of warm spices and meaty flavours.

Soups and sauces are standards for bay, as is the cavity of a roast chicken with some lemon and onion, or in a marinade for Greek and Middle Eastern kebabs. The leaves enrich pots of hearty beans and go especially well with lentils.

It is a standard in garam masala and finds its way into plenty of Filipino recipes for adobo, an addictive vinegary braise of chicken, pork, or fish. It is also one of the key ingredients in Bouquet Garni.


Bay or sweet bay (Laurus nobilis) is the leaf from a tree in the Laurel family. It's an evergreen that originated in the Mediterranean, where it grows to a height of 40 feet. Bay laurel is beautifully appointed with medium sized, glossy, green leaves.


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