Our Manifesto

  • We believe in offering premium quality meat this is ethically and locally sourced.
  • We buy from local farmers in the Shoalhaven and South Coast Region. We know the farmers we purchase from and we only purchase free-ranging, grass-fed, sustainably farmed and ethically reared animals.
  • Our meats come to us whole and we break and process everything in-shop.
    We prepare everything from scratch on a daily basis; sausages, mince, marinades; you name it, we make it. Fresh. Everyday.

You can definitely taste the difference.

  • We believe in a localised, seasonal, slow food movement.
  • We believe that happy, responsibly-reared animals is not something that should be seen as optional, and should be the very minimum that a customer demands from their butcher.
  • We believe that farmers should be paid a fair price for the animals they have taken the time, energy and patience to rear for our consumption. If that means we can't discount our meats to compete with larger commercial enterprises, well - that's a sacrifice we are prepared to make.
  • We encourage our customers to ask questions: where we source our meat and products; how the animals are reared, slaughtered and processed. Frankly if you frequent a butcher that can't answer those intrinsically basic questions to your satisfaction - we suggest you politely run a mile.

Do you remember when there was a local independent butcher's on the main street of most suburbs? It wasn’t so long ago (well, maybe a few decades), when there was a butcher shop on every corner. Now you really have to search for one. You’d almost think that we were a thing of the past.

Well, Vincentia Butchery has been on the same corner since 1976. Our aim is to be not just a quality craft butcher, but an intrinsic part of the local community as well.

There is so much more to butchering than simply cutting meat: craftsmanship, creativity, knowledge of cuts and cooking methods, ability to source the strange and unusual; to french a roast, butterfly or bone out anything ... in fact, any service the customer requests, are as much of being a great butcher as the actual cutting and we are happy to do it all.

  • Our manifesto is simple: we don't want to be the biggest - but we do want to be the best.
Come and visit us and see for yourself.