Retro Recipe Flashback: Gratin of Chicken & Ham Quenelles w/ Divine Sauce (plus pics!!)

Posted by Erica Jones on

How is this for a meal?

Chicken minced w/ ham blended with egg whites and lemon and cream; mixed with a handmade choux pastry…chilled and made into quenelles (egg shaped dumpling-type-things); decorated with truffles and broiled in chicken stock and then doused in ‘divine’ sauce to serve.

It’s the step-by-step pictures though, that are the fabulous finish to this rather insane dish …





The 3 (count em‽) 3 seperate stages and recipes, not including the garnish; contain lashings of cream, butter, milk and sherry plus the optional addition of canned truffles…



But, the question still remains: who is actually game enough to make the recipe?

😉 xx

Source: the always hilarious Encyclopedia of Creative Cooking. ‘A step-by-step guide to the world’s best cooking…’

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