Retro Recipe Flashback: Beef Fondue w/ Dips (and Pictures (!))

Posted by Erica Jones on

Feeling a little Monday-itis? Check out the things people had to make on Monday in 1979 and breathe a sigh of relief that those days are LONG behind us.


Beef Fondue with Dips. 

This was an actual meal. That humans ate. The word ‘fun’ is used frequently regarding the recipe…)

The ‘fondue’ part was MAYONNAISE mixed with curry powder.

Apparently diners boiled their meat at the table and dipped it in mayo (or other ‘fondue sauces’ like horseradish, tomato, mustard or tartare.)

Wow. Makes spaghetti & meatballs look positively epicurean right?!

Ahh 1979 – may you never let us down.



Source: the always hilarious Encyclopedia of Creative Cooking. ‘A step-by-step guide to the world’s best cooking…’


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