Interesting things about Grass-Fed Meat

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Not all meat is created equal. Yes, it looks similar, tastes (somewhat) similar, and smells the same, but the truth is:

Grass-fed meat and grain-fed meat are two completely different foods.

WE won’t beat you over the head with our own personal Grass-Fed Meat Bible — but here are some important differentiations between grass-fed and grain fed meat:

– Is lower in calories
– It contains more healthy omega-3 fats
– It contains vitamins A and E
– Has higher levels of antioxidants
– Has up to seven times the beta-carotene

Switching to grass-fed beed, and eating a typical amount of beef (which in Australia is about 30 odd kg a year) will save you over 16,642 calories/year.

Grass-fed beef tends to take less time to cook and doesn’t require as high a heat.

One of the nicest things about grass-fed meat? Because the animals’ diets change as the local forage changes with season, grass-fed beef taste will taste different from one month to the next…

TL;DR? – check out our nifty infographic… 🙂

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