Eating Locally

Posted by Erica Jones on

Sourcing locally produced meats, vegetables, eggs and products is part of our core business principles at Vincentia Butchery; there are so many reason to do this:

  • It’s fresher
  • It contributes to the sustainable future of farming
  • They are generally more free of genetically modified ingredients, hormones and other synthetic preservatives, because they are sourced and sold locally and don’t have to be transported from the other side of the world in a shipping container.
  • Supports local businesses
  • More eco-friendly
  • Creates self-reliance and interdependence in communities

BUT in addition to being sustainable and farmer supportive, locally sourced food allows us,(and you) the consumer, to speak directly to the people who nurtured our (and your) food into maturity.

I doubt many of us can get a large franchise chain on the phone and ask them…

TL;DR? INFOGRAPHIC says it all…but with pretty pictures too!

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