Difference Between Cage Chickens & Grain-Fed Beef…(Spoiler: Not Much)

Posted by Erica Jones on

Here at Vincentia Butchery, we only sell and endorse free-ranging, pasture-raised, grass-fed animals. It’s natural, environmentally friendly, ethically right and they just taste SOO much better.

Most people will agree that cage-raised or barn-raised chickens (which aren’t much better), is cruel and unethical; so much so that they will look for pasture-raised, free ranging chickens.

Well, if we think penning up animals, intensively feeding them to make them gain as much weight as possible and injecting them with hormones & antibiotics is wrong, why do we buy grain-fed beef?

Is cheapness really a good enough reason, if the same bar we apply to chicken, isn’t met with beef????

Just asking…

See nifty infographic for more info in a visually pleasing green.



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